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Hu Zhiying

a cura di Manuela e Patrizia Cucinella

Hu Zhiying
"Astronomy I, 1995 Mixed media on canvas,cm 200×180

Hu Zhiying
Astronomy III, 1995 Mixed media on plank, cm 200×180

Hu Zhiying
Mathematics ?, 1994 Mixed media on canvas,cm 173×200

Hu Zhiying
Characters V, 1992 Mixed media on plank,cm 200×180

Hu Zhiying
Characters I, 1992 Mixed media on canvas, cm 200×180

Hu Zhiying
Buddhist Scriptures I,1997-1998 Acrylic, ink, charcoal on silk on plank,cm 183×195

Hu Zhiying
Buddhist Scriptures IV, 1997?1998 Acrylic, ink, charcoal on silk on plank,cm 183×195


The resume and the artworks are enrolled by Dr. Monica Dematte (Venice University, Italy) in the documentary "Contemporary Art in China" (altogether includes the Chinese 15 artists and their artworks), Venice, 1992

"Untitled", the "Illustration of Contemporary Artists and Their Artworks", the National Capital Publishing House, Beijing, 1995

"Astronomy III", the "China-Aktuelles aus 15 Ateliers" published in Munich, Germany, 1996

"Mountain and Water" series works, Ludwig Museum collection in Cologne, Germany, 1996

"Characters" and so on, two artworks, the "PLAT FORM 1" published in Amsterdam, Holland, 1997

"Mathematics" and so on, five artworks, published, discussed and introduced with the special article "On the Variability of Cultural Authority" (by Wang Huangsheng [the director the Guangdong Art Museum] ), the "Jiangsu Art Monthly", Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House, Nanjing, 1997

"Astronomy" and so on, six artworks, the "CHINA NOW" published in Basel, Switzerland, 1998

The oil painting "Antique" and the series ink and wash painting "Buddhist Scriptures", introduced and showed on the special program "TRANSCULTURELLES DE CANTON 1999" (planed and manufactured by Service Culturel du Consulat Général de France[CS/GCF/Canton]) on Franc Television Station, Paris, 1999

"Mathematics" and "Buddhist Scriptures" published in "The Mode of Imagery", Hong Kong Milky Way Publishing House, Hong Kong, 2003

"Characters", "Buddhist Scriptures" and "Astronomy III" series works, published in the "Northern Art", Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, 2006

HU ZHIYING Artist, Ph. D., Professor, Member of China Artists Association
1959 Born in Jiangxi. Teaches at the College of Fine Arts of South China Normal University. Now lives in New York
1977~1981 Studied art in the Jiangxi Normal College
1987~1990 Studied Chinese Painting in the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts as postgraduate student
1999~2002 Studied literature and art in the Jinan University, and gain the doctor’s degree in 2002


1992 Big-Tail Elephant, The United Art Exhibition, the building of Guangdong Broadcast and Television University, Guangzhou

1996 Shanghai First International Fax Art Exhibition, Huashan Art School Gallery, Shanghai

1996 China-Aktuelles aus 15 Ateliers, Munich, Germany

1996 CHINA NOW! Basel, Switzerland

1998 CHINA NOW! Tokyo, Osaka, etc., five cities, Japan

2001 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, the Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2003 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2004 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Jiangsu Art Gallery, Nanjing

2005 Painting Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, Shanghai

2006 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing

2006 The Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition of Celebrity in China, Jinan University Museum, Guangzhou

2008 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, Galleria Piziarte, Teramo, Italy

2009 Art Exhibition of Hu Zhiying, World Fine Art Gallery, New York

2009 Transiency and Indulge——Hu Zhiying • Huang Shaoyin’s Drawing, 798-K SPACE, Beijing

2010 Season and Color, Realism Gallery, New York

2010 Beyond the Chains of Illusion——Hu Zhiying’s Paintings (1989-2009), the Wall Art Museum, Beijing

2010 Winner Palm Art Award 2 0 1 0, Leipzig, Germany

2011 Window in the Wall:India and China – Imaginary Conversations, Pearl Lam Fine Art, Shanghai

2012 ART FRONTIER Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing

2013 55th Venice Biennale • Parallel Exhibition, Venice, Italy

2013 The Story of the Creative International Exhibition, NYC gallery, New York

2013 The SCOPE Miami Beach 2013 - Art Take Miami, FL

Private art collection, Shanghai
Private art collection, Beijing
Private art collection, Paris
Private art collection, New York
Ludwig Museum collecti

Art, Literature, Poem

About Beyond the Chains of Illusion - Hu Zhiying’s Paintings from 1989 to 2009
Hu Zhiying is an artist with cultural philosophical meditation and experiences as his motivation for creation. He does not concern the changes on the surface of social reality, and also not the expression of individual psychology and experience. During his 20 years creation, the only thing he emphasized is the exploration of ultimate theme and the infinite approach to some possible transcendent spirit. Under such a driving force, he adjusted the characteristics of various mediums like ink and wash, lacquer, greasepaint and others in his different phases of creation, and he also adopted many symbols, images and indications from various cultures, to imply the transient nature and illusory essence of culture through dislocation and re-creation of representation fragments in different culture systems, his poetic intuition is also reflected out in the crack of these representations.

“Beyond the Chains of Illusion” is a work of Erich Fromm, a philosopher of Frankfurt School. In this book, the author connected the theory of Unconsciousness by Freud and the ideological theory of Marx, re-reflected the possibility of human freedom. Here, we conclude Hu Zhiying’s painting language and art realm with the title of this book: to reach some invisible substance through the visible “chains” of a series of visual symbols, images and indications, which is the authenticity of existence that cannot be defined by culture, perceived by experience or touched by language.


By Hu Zhiying
After making a penetrating study of traditional Chinese culture and the history of Western painting, imitating artists of the abstract expressionist school and experimenting with and producing ready-mades, I have taken up painting again. In the last 15 years I have been exploring a question I call “cultural contrast”, a broad field that I aim to explore further. In notes on my works, I write: “In my work I combine the constant cultural value of the symbols in Chinese painting and the unfolding eclecticism of painting taking place in the West.” I combine Chinese traditional landscape painting with the elements of vary art styles in the West. I like to regard my works as equivalent to the real world and not merely a documentation of it. My paintings frequently synthesis imagines of many kinds of objects, where those in the background often change places with those in the foreground.
My works illustrate “cultural contrast” as an abstract and concrete field of knowledge. When the viewer tries to discern the origin of this field and identify the relationship between the themes of art and their prototypes, they are likely to lose themselves in the dreamlike realm of the paintings. In my easel paintings on canvas or board, apart from conventional materials like ink, oil and acrylic colors, I apply gold and silver power, Chinese Varnish. These materials, expressing an archaic mood in a multitude of imagines, add substance to the “cultural contrast”. The various materials, the diversity of images and the glossy surface are easily identifiable with the bright yet unstable reality of the world in which we live, and at the same time, imply a dark, mysterious world lurking beneath the dazzling surface.
The series works "Remake Bacon" is, recently, based on above, and uses for reference the certain elements of Bacon’s art to be the more prominent power of the intense images, more directly enter the person's soul dialog or the monologue. To use oil, alternately, acrylic with the unique material——Chinese Vanish in different level alternate, lets the work have a superior visual effect, but this quotes the Bacon’s art elements, and converges with others art elements in the dim atmosphere which the elements become vary outward appearance and substantive content. The vehement contrast between the intense brushwork and the strong color display those non-conventional changeful and extraordinary images and the soul kingdom, the pictorial technologic language and the profound artistic conception in harmony.



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